Summer: July 1st - September 30th 2009

Events. All events are free and open to members and non-members alike. Donations always welcome.


Thursday  9th July              Litter Pick Walk         

Meet 9.30am in the mansion. A walk around the park picking up litter and, if there is any,  pulling up Himalayan Balsam (it is easy to pull up as the roots are very shallow). These are  necessary tasks,  but if incorporated into a walk can become quite enjoyable.


Wednesday 12th  August           Evening Stroll

Meet 7.00pm outside the main gates on Beckenham Hill. A leisurely perambulation around the park., being careful not to trip over the big words! We could see bats as a bonus, but it is really just a simple walk in the warm summer sunshine, we hope.


Tuesday  15th  September    Green Chain Walking Festival.

Meet 9.45am on the Mansion steps. We are joining with a regular Tuesday walking group to offer three grades of walk, long, short and intermediate,   to suit all comers. One theme will be BPP history.

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About The Friends Events

All our events are free, but any donations to funds are much appreciated.

Most last about 1-2 hours, but you can join in for as long or as little as you like.

It is advisable to wear stout walking shoes, as the paths do get very muddy.

Walkers are individually responsible for their own safety during our events.

Children are welcome, but a parent or guardian should accompany under-12ís.

Dogs are welcome, if kept under control. Walk leaders always carry water and mobile phone